Since 1988 Slater has built some of the nicest residential and commercial buildings throughout the NYC area.

Capable of supplying cranes, excavators, bulldozers and all other heavy equipment to perform all forms of infrastructure.

Slater Associates has performed work at LaGuardia Airport, Gateway National Recreation Area, Planet Fitness, and a host of other well-known locations.

We have performed infrastructure work such as:

-Reline deteriorated storm drains

-Installation of piles

-Installation of water sewer, drainage, concrete and asphalt

-Sink hole repair

-Redistribution of sand at Sandy Hook, Jersey Shore



Slater Associates has performed all forms of excavation. We have excavated for large foundations and sides of mountains and cliffs for buildings. Slater has all the necessary equipment to perform all your excavation needs.

Water, sewer, drainage

Slater Associates has experience in the installation of water, sewer and drainage. We have performed work at airports, hospitals and private locations. Slater has performed these duties for both residential and commercial customers.